Sunday, April 4

easter and march

happy resurrection day! in the spirit of coming to life again, we have a new post to savor. woo! the semester is winding down, and i'm in a groove for school, so i finally have the time to sit down and fill you all in on life at our house.

i got on the dean's list, and narrowly missed the presidential scholars list by one a-. either way, i felt like i was in high school again, pushing up my nerd glasses, and getting out the chess set. being intelligent isn't a bad thing, it's just a humbling thing. or at least it should be.

zoë is now 38 pounds, and 40 1/2 inches tall. which means she's wearing size 4/5, and generally looking about 4 years old. she's still got a wry sense of humor, something we saw last night. she was getting ready for bed, and spencer told her she was awesome. her response: i'm not awesome poppa, i'm tired. i'll be awesome in the morning. she is so imaginative, and will tell us story after story of things that she's created in her head. she still hides from dinosaurs, and as much as we've attempted to explain that there are no more dinosaurs, she remains unconvinced.

i've got a wordpress blog set up, and we are still debating making the switch to an individual domain name. it would require some preplanning, and purchasing the hosting service, and because of that, we are waiting until i'm sure i want to pull the trigger. but more than likely, this will occur, and it's only a matter of time. just providing some warning.

i've got pictures from march and april to post, with the easter egg hunt this afternoon, and the yard sale yesterday figuring into the majority of the april posts. only another month of school and then we're on summer break. which means lots of fun in the sun (coated with sunscreen of course - i sprayed down with spf 100 yesterday, and still got sun on my legs and face. boo sunshine! :)

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