Saturday, August 1

some pictures, and some still to come

i've got a few pictures to post, and i'm waiting on michelle to send me pics of last night's party as well. we had a christmas in july party at brent and michelle's house, which was lots of fun, and had way too much food. initially, we were anticipating more people present, but a lot of people bailed at the last minute. meaning more food for us. it was loads of fun, and is most likely going to become an annual tradition. i also have pictures of zoë hanging out with my friend suzanna's daughter linley, after a day of blueberry picking. suzanna has since gone on to have her second child, as she was nearly due when we met up. i'm impressed with her ability to keep functioning so late in her pregnancy as i was not quite so able while pregnant.

zoë is sitting across the table from me eating "bunny cerwewal" and asking me if "momma all done checka emal?" guess that's my cue.

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