Thursday, August 27

i'm bad, i know.

so what was supposed to be a short hiatus while i got pictures together turned into a month. during this month away from the blog, we went to charlotte to see mom and marlene, started school, and i started riding my bike 3 or 4 days a week. which i am loving immensely. in light of the fact that school has become a full time occupation for spencer and i (i go to classes in the mornings, and get home about 30 minutes before he leaves for class, and he's not home until 10 or so 2 nights a week) i don't have a whole lot of pictures. i know. i should be ashamed.

school is going well for both spencer and i. he's taking english, math, arabic and chinese. quite an ambitious schedule, and he's enjoying everything but math. i think it's the curse of people destined to be arts and humanities majors. math just isn't that appealing. i'm taking drawing 2, art history after the renaissance, intro to british culture (a hybrid literature/history class) and african american literature. i'm so thankful i don't have to take anymore math classes. yuck. drawing is intense, and most days i feel out of my depth. i'm sure that's due to not drawing consistently for 5 years. i'm hoping that by the end of the semester i won't feel like such a schmuck.

my 10 year high school reunion is coming up, and i'm not planning on going. at least, i wasn't. i was talking with one of my drawing class classmates about my feelings concerning the the reunion. he's 2 years older than me, and also back in school to work on his first undergrad degree. he encouraged me to go to my reunion, regardless of how i felt my life had progressed in the interim. i'm still feeling insecure about the path my life has taken, how i'm nearly 30, can't seem to lose all the weight i've gained since highschool, and back in college to finish a degree i should have finished 7 years ago. when i was explaining my reasoning for not attending, he said something that really stuck with me. he said "you're not getting graded on your life. don't be afraid of where you've gone with it." so i'm reconsidering attending. we'll see.

so zoë is getting so communicative now. she'll ask spencer at bedtime "papa sit in rockingchair for a few minutes?" or this little gem "zoë go swimming in swimming pool! zoë put on swim diaper." while taking off her clothes and attempting to remove her diaper. speaking of diapers, we're still in them. sigh. she'll tell us after the fact that she wants to sit on the potty. but never before the action actually takes place. i know that it's a matter of readiness, but what about maternal readiness? i'm trying to get her to sit on the potty at regular intervals, but it seems i always miss the window of opportunity. oh well.

so enough about us, i know it's time for pictures. i need to get some from marlene saved on my computer, so i'll post again with the pics later this afternoon. hopefully within an hour or so.

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