Monday, April 13

we're alive!!

well, we're back. the house is a wreck, and i can't find anything. we're overrun with books, and no bookcases to speak of. i actually have no idea where the memory card adapter is that i bought. if i can't find it by wednesday, i can buy another one at best buy. so, no pictures currently. sorry!!

wednesday or thursday should have a nice large post. the kitchen is slowly coming together, and we're gradually unpacking the bedroom. i sincerely think it will take a month to really go through everything, and make sure we want to keep everything we're putting up.

i'm a little intimidated by the task, since i'm not a born organizer. but we have to be. the house is pretty small, but very very cozy. it felt like home immediately. and zoë apparently agrees, since she's been running around in her room, yelling "zoë's house! zoë's house!"... lots of toys are all over her bedroom floor, and she's loving every second of it.

we're not far from a train line, so we do hear trains everynight. well, and all day too. i'm already sleeping through it, and zoë's adjusting pretty quickly to them as well. poor spencer, being the light sleeper of the family, he's having a harder time. i'm hoping he adjusts in time as well.

it's been really rainy, and the first night we moved was awful. it poured rain during the entire 80 mile drive to athens, and a tornado followed spencer here. we have almost everything moved, we're still trying to empty the storage unit. i think it's a little better for us this way, even though it stinks as far as the round trip drive we have to do to actually GET to the storage unit. at least this way, we can go through all the things we're bringing before we get more. should be done within a week or so. thank the Lord.

and i know i flaked out on you, jenni, if you're reading this. i'm so sorry about that. i'm still so scatterbrained, and i lost your email address, and didn't charge my phone (since i couldn't find where the chargers were) and had no way of getting pics to you. i know it's gonna be awesome though.

so there's a quick update. pics to come, and there's a good bit of them. lots of fun to be had.

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Amanda said...

Whoot! I can't wait to see the pics.