Saturday, April 18

this week, zoë got to see her grammy, her aunt mimi, and her great grandma and her great grandpa! so needless to say, this has been a banner week. a room to run around, yelling "zoë's house!!!" at the top of her lungs, and seldom seen family visiting to boot!

where we live, we're about 20 minutes away from a major U.S. interstate, allowing us to drive over to a fairly large exit and see family who just happened to be passing through.

the sad part, is that i forgot my camera was in my purse the whole time we were hanging out with my mom and marlene. meaning, i have no pictures of that wonderful visit. and then today, we got to see my grandparents, who were driving up to raleigh to help my mom with her move. and i didn't get any pictures of zoë with grandma. because i was taking pictures for her with her camera. hahah. oh well. but i do have a couple of pics of the three of them together, and zoë and grandpa smiling for the camera.

it was so nice seeing family, on this side of the country. grandma and grandpa are living in nebraska, and are moving back to arizona pretty soon, within a few weeks if i'm remembering correctly. so i don't really get to see them a whole lot. so grandpa, grandma, if you're reading this, which i'm sure you will soon, it was so nice to see you, and i'm so glad you were able to stop for a little while in our corner of the world. zoë talked about you the whole drive home. and at bed time, wanted to know if great grandpa and great grandma had to go nye-night too. which i told her you did, since she would want to stay up too otherwise.

here's the few paltry pics i got.

oh. and living in athens is awesome. seriously awesome. i've been checking out the local grocery stores, and i've come across an italian specialty market, a middle eastern market, an asian foods store, and a really cool supermercado down the street from us. not counting the various co-ops and local grocery stores, i think i'm pretty well covered for exotic ingredients. and the farmers market hasn't even opened yet! we had huevos con chorizo for dinner, because i felt adventurous. and i'm just getting started!

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