Tuesday, April 14

here's the promised pictures. there's a lot, so get ready! :)
downtown gainesville, with the cherry trees

at our favorite coffee shop
eating mexican food with brent and michelle
a quilt i made for some friends who got married. it's huge!

snow! in april! that's not dandruff!

before we got started...

master bedroom
bedroom looking into kitchen
i love these door knobs!!

in the middle of the move

front porch
hunting for special eggs


an easter snack
playing in her room, like such a big girl
the sink. i love that paint by numbers piece
pantry/island looking into living room
bathroom, with my beloved shower curtain (brown transferware style flowers, with turquoise sparrows)
loads of stuff to wash.
plants for the garden!
books, books and more books
the living room area
sharing the space with the office
my favorite girl, next to my favorite chairs and my 5 dollar coffee table.


Amanda said...

That is a mighty handsome owl tray you have there!

Alicia said...

Love, love, love the quilt! I'm not even a quilt person. ;D