Wednesday, December 5

so today was a landmark day. zoë took her first step. now, it was only one step, and she promptly fell on her butt. but it was a step none the less. completely handsfree and unaided. so my guess is that walking is not far away. she's also started playing peekaboo with us, having first played it with spencer using his hat. she played with me tonight using her towel, and i got a little of it on video. she had already been playing peekaboo for about 5 or 6 minutes, so the video is the tail end, when she was tiring of it.

she is absolutely a ham. she makes me laugh so hard all day long, and she's such a joy. i cannot wait for all the extended family to meet her, whenever that actually is.

thank you all for my cards and birthday wishes. i will try to get thank you notes sent out, once i actually find them. and aunt jenna, i know you read this, since you told me in your card. once again, i can't seem to get a card sent to you. which is still shameful. but i hope your birthday was full of love. happy birthday from your procrastinating and forgetful georgia relatives! :D

**blogger is being a pill tonight. i have more pictures to post, but i can't get them uploaded. more to come, probably tomorrow. stay tuned!**

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