Friday, December 14

i forgot to post some pics from last weekend, when sarah, spencer and i went to see beowulf in 3d. the movie was, ummm... amazing. well, that is, if you can handle your 5th century bardic monster tales in 3d. it was intense to say the least. good to see once, to say you've seen it, but i won't be watching it again. we went to the mall of georgia, where there was a 30 foot christmas tree lit up. we had a blast. and these other pictures are from our walk this afternoon. zoë and i are trying to get 10 miles a week in, especially before the weather REALLY gets cold. which will probably be sometime in february. ;) that being said, when you look at the black and white pic, check out zoë's eyes. pretty nifty photoshopping, huh?

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