Saturday, December 1

i had my 27th birthday party on friday. spencer's been pretty sick, so we only had family over, and brent and michelle. mostly because everyone had already been exposed to him, and no one had gotten bronchitis from him. what a week this has been. but yay. i'm almost 27. and i think this has been the best year of my life. i made snickerdoodle cake cupcakes, but i put a picture up of the lemon curd cupcakes i made earlier in the week. not as pretty as the mocha ones, but oh so tasty.
zoë is getting to be such a ham. still not walking, but certainly on her way. and she says momma and poppa discriminately, calling for poppa when she sees him. so, i guess she's said her first word. but i don't know who came first. momma or poppa. we'll say it was a tie. i think in one of the precious posts there was a video of her clapping. which she now does whenever she gets excited. and she's gooing and gahing, and squeaking about everything. she's so vocal and talkative. and children still really excite her. to the point of uncontrollable giggles. she's had some disturbances in her sleep lately, which we're attributing to the onset of dreaming. nothing a little snuggling at 2 am can't remedy.
our cousin sarah is over, and she's dying to get back on the internet, so i will cut this short. i hope all of you are remembering marlene in your prayers and thoughts. for those not familiar, my younger sister is in the hospital, and while it's not extremely serious right now, it could become a serious situation easily. so pray her doctors have wisdom to treat the infections she's fighting. and that marlene continues to have such a positive outlook on the whole problem.
zoë's now yelling at spencer, so i really should go.

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