Tuesday, July 3

soldiering on

well, as of today, the house is nearly completely dried in. for those of you who are not (un)fortunate enough to be around construction, and don't know what that means, here's the scoop. when a house is dried in, all the rooms are framed and studded, but not sheet rocked. there's no wiring, no plumbing, etc. the roof is plywood, waiting for the shingles, and the walls are also plywood, waiting for siding. so, basically, a shell. but, a shell that is functional enough to give you an idea about room size, etc.

we walked around it today, and i took pictures. they're not the best, as it was getting dark, and i am not a steady enough hand with long exposures. i'll post them anyway, but i'm going to take more tomorrow on the way to dahlonega.

we're going to ellen and greg's for a 4th of july cookout. because of that, i won't post the new pics until probably thursday. so happy 4th y'all. hug a veteran, and remember why we're even a nation.

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