Wednesday, July 11

zoe and michelle testing out furniture at ikea
more furniture
random10 foot tall rocking chair in a field. who thinks this stuff up?
working on sitting up
look mom! i'm sitting!
right before she flopped into my lap
more sitting work, this time with a boppy
she made the funniest face after chewing on her dinosaur
"this doesn't taste like bananas!"
sleeping this afternoon when i woke her up
the expression on her face when she first opened her eyes
about 15 seconds after waking up
more sitting practice
watching me for goofy faces
sliding into my lap
she was exhausted, but she was loving her sweet potatoes
more sweet potatoes
notice the tired look on her face
she quit swallowing her food, so we called it quits.

so yes, it's been a few days. zoe has been sleeping so much, so i decided to get on a weird schedule myself. okay, well, i didn't decide, it just happened. but mom's been asking for pictures, so here we go. i'm glad mom told me what i slept as a baby, because sometimes zoe scares me. what 5 month old will sleep for 18 hours at a time? i guess i'm the lucky one. and she wakes up smiling too. but no delaying breakfast is allowed.

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