Saturday, June 20

textual update, no pics yet

it's been nearly a month, but with school starting, and trying to get everything worked out for the fall, i've been really busy. i have an empty fridge, and no shopping list to fill it. which is pretty unusual for me.

i only have a few snippets of zoë to share, since i haven't really been taking pictures.

right now, she's siting in her high chair, under the guise of eating lunch, telling me "no check the email. no silly girl. no drinking coffee, drink tea. papa take a shower, papa take a nap. BEAR! chicken! shopping. juice! juice! baby eat chicken?no aunt shelly. no plate." and this was all in the last 2 minutes.

she's a ridiculously verbal little girl, and she's very fond of repeating whatever we say to her, with the word "no" in front of it.

she's got a big girl bed now, and so far so good. she stays in bed at night, and naptimes got moved later so she's actually tired enough to stay in bed. for the first 30 minutes or so of nye-night time, we have to go in, and put her back in bed, but it's usually only twice a night she's up playing before going to sleep.

alternating our schedule has been interesting, as i'm not a morning person by any stretch. my english lit class starts at 8, which means i'm up by 7 and out the door by 7:30. on the weekends i stay up way too late, and have to drink copious amounts of coffee to survive the class. spencer's enjoying most of his classes, although he's taking more hours than i am, and is feeling the intensity a bit more acutely.

i have a portfolio review coming up for UGA, to get into the art program this fall. i'm dreading it, to say the least. i think i've always been convinced that everyone else was a better artist than i, and it makes me not even want to make the attempt out of fear. but i can't ignore the Lord telling me to do this... whatever comes, i just want to say i obeyed.

i've got to draw a self portrait, and i'm not sure if i'm up for the task. you're hearing my myriad insecurities over my ability and talent, but i'm sure it's going to be fine in the end. i just need to be less afraid.

we're pretty settled into the house. the only thing left to work out is how to store the huge amount of books we own. we've got three bookshelves right now in the living room, but it's not enough. which is frustrating, since we really can't figure out where we could fit any others.

i have a english paper to write this weekend, but i'll try to get pictures taken... i need to charge the camera batteries, but i don't want to deprive anyone of their zoë fix. she's a sweet bundle of crazy, and she's so vocal. i wish she didn't clam up on the phone so badly.

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