Friday, March 20

i know i left everyone hanging with my doomsday post last week. but like i hoped, i have good news to share.

spencer's surgery went really well, and he and the oral surgeon are now working on a timeline to start his dental implants and all the surgeries involved.

we got a deposit from the state, equaling the amount spent on surgery. yay!

we got our car from the wonderful folks who gave it to us, and we've got wheels now.

we're going to be receiving unemployment benefits until july, which allows us to get into school this summer, and pay rent with it until we get our grants.

WE FOUND A HOUSE TODAY!! which is a bit of a miracle at this time of year in athens, since most places are pre-leasing for the fall. it's a little 2 bedroom house, downtown athens (i could ride my bike to school if i wanted to) with a fenced backyard, and central heat and air. which is also another miracle, since most of the places in our price range were pseudo-crack house looking places. seriously. we went to 3 places today that i wouldn't want to keep livestock in, and the rent was more than we'll be paying on our little place. we put down the deposit and sign the lease on saturday, but we won't be moving in until spencer's birthday. april 12th or thereabout. the current renter wants to move out the week of the 4th, and the landlord plans on getting into the house and touching up the paint, cleaning, and refinishing the floors. and she's already got a little spot weeded for a garden! hello tomatoes, here i come.

so, thank you so much. everyone who lifted us up this past week. we had some pretty awesome breakthroughs, and it only continues to cement our knowledge of a loving Father, who won't give us more than we can handle.

more pictures coming soon, i need to take some. and whenever the house is emptied, i'll post pictures of it. well, you might have to wait until we move in, but you'll get to see it. it's pretty small, but it's exactly what we need.

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