Wednesday, February 18

i'm a foodie now. muwhahaha. well, kinda. but i did start another blog. don't worry, this one will still be around. i'm just blogging about the things i don't post here. like what we ate for dinner, and how much i paid for toilet paper.

over the last year, with all the upheaval in our life, i've really started missing my kitchen stuff. my mixer, my food processor. but in the middle of it all, i've really fallen in love with cooking. more than i already loved it. the thrill of trying new recipes, making homemade bread, sharing my love for my friends and family in the form of cookies. or amazing chicken. and what started simply, 2 1/2 years ago, with planning meals around what was on sale at the store, has turned into an all out game for me. it feels like i'm doing all these naughty subversive things by not paying full price for makeup. like somehow i'm beating the system. and i find it pretty exhilarating when i can get something for free. probably because this year has shown me the value of one dollar in ways i never understood before.

so that's why i've started a new blog. so that i can glory in the thrill of the hunt for the best deals, and maybe help some more folks along the way. if it wasn't for the resources i've found on the internet on how to really make our money stretch, i certainly wouldn't have been able to purchase the things i've purchased. especially not at the prices i bought them at. i'm still growing in all of this, but i'm getting thriftier by the day.

check me out at:

the name comes from the fact that this year, all my cooking has been done in other peoples kitchens.

and pictures of zoë will be forthcoming. although at this point, i think video captures it a lot better. she's getting so good at talking to us... like when she does something silly, and i sigh and say "oh zoë." she'll reply "i know, i silly" (although it's a little garbled, you know how us parents are. we're convinced she's quoting shakespeare when she babbles. but she really does reply "i silly")

so there ya go.

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