Friday, February 20

i had forgotten about posting her first "big girl owie"... when we were playing outside, she kept running on the concrete path, instead of the grass. and of course i kept telling her to get on the grass, knowing what was about to happen. and it did. followed by some tears, some kisses, and of course, more running.

and then, we have pictures from zoë coming out of a time out. i know people call this age "the terrible twos" but this is certainly not that. zoë is such a sweet natured child, who loves to kiss and hug everyone, but she has a willful streak which leads to her throwing food at the dinner table, or climbing on tables, even after repeated "no ma'ams." and so, we've begun the timeout. and boy is it working. within 2 minutes of the fiercest tantrum starting, she's completely calmed down, ready to go back and eat her dinner, and say "bye bye naughties" (her favorite thing to say as we leave the bedroom - the timeout room) i guess she just needs a few minutes on her own, whether or not her brain is processing why she's in there, it seems to work. thank the Lord for that. she will cry the whole time, but when there's a break in crying and yelling, that's when i go in, and she's all smiles. covered in tears, but all smiles. hence the pictures. they were pretty dark so i manipulated them in photoshop, some more successfully than others.

i know it's only a small smattering of pictures, i'm slowly getting my act back together. and to be honest, i don't forsee extremely frequent updates, like in the past. at least not until we get moved into our own place, and settled into a routine again. i will continue to post as often as i can, but when the posting has be done after midnight while zoë sleeps, it kinda precludes me from lengthy picture laden posts. which take a while to upload. and usually have zoë waking up in the middle.

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