Friday, September 5

post #200... what a fun ride this has been. ellen and greg just happened to come by the house today, took me and zoë out to lunch, and then whisked us away to their house. which is a total blessing, because that means i can finally post pictures of the munchkin. spencer is on his way home from washington d.c. where he was testing for a federal job. hopefully he'll be through richmond before rush hour...
thanks for sticking out this bumpy ride of the last 19 months... hard to believe it's been that long, and yet it feels like it's flown by. i've been telling spencer we need another one, because zoë's been so much fun. of course, we're going to get health insurance first, so no worrying, okay?

and now, on to the pictures
she loves getting pulled around in this laundry basket.
like a cat insisting on fitting in something way too small, she was determined to sit in these fairly small wire baskets.
hello? uh huh... okay! bye. - literal transcript of her conversation. seriously.
making a royal mess with the toys
hahaha... silly girl
what? i'm supposed to keep my mouth shut?
spencer at the outset of the trip to savannah with brent and michelle. this was our first vacation in years, and you'll notice zoë's absence. she had a wild weekend at grandma and grandpa's, and didn't seem to miss us a bit.

a tree grown round a fence

the childhood home of flannery o'connor
i love flannery o'connor
savannah skyline
black virgin mary

spencer and brent
too bad i wasn't paying more attention in american history...
cool gate
wrought iron fencing around st. john
wasn't the father in gone with the wind named gerald o'hara?

st. patrick statue at st. john the baptist catholic church
interior dome of st. john
Jesus ascending
the Father recieving Jesus
one of my favorite stained glass pieces

michelle's favorite stained glass bit
interior of st. john
st. john in daylight
i seriously loved this fountain
fountain again
fountain again
we ate at a genuine pirate pub... stevenson apparently penned "treasure island" near here
vertigo inducing stairs round 1
vertigo inducing stairs round 2, on the way to the river front... lots of smelly tourists, in a very small space. did i mention it was very hot and humid?
walking the uneven brick streets
the long walk back from the river front
entrance to savannah's most famous cemetary
the tombstone of a pirate... notice the skull and crossbones?
spencer and i in a local coffee shop
st. john the baptist
st. john the baptist
a bridge in the savannah area that was once a boundary of land owned by spencer's family... they burned it anticipating sherman's march to the sea... sherman built a pontoon bridge instead. really cool bit of family history.
eating at the big girl table
more hamburger
who, me?
mmmm... hamburgers on labor day
the swing
swinging with michelle's mom
the swing
the swing
swinging with michelle's mom
elton john, eat your heart out
shirtless and silly
the lunch of champions
picking out the hot dog pieces (they were very small)
mmm.... macaroni
walking to the grocery store
grandma's house
zoë at grandma's today

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