Wednesday, September 3

a long road

a long road ahead, with many turns behind us...

this seems about the best way to describe the last 2 months. the great news is that we're all healthy, zoë is becoming a wonderful little girl, even more wonderful than the baby she was. but things have certainly not been as we expected.

the backstory:
spencer was laid off at christmas, around 3 weeks after we moved into the house. we had hoped he would have been able to find work quickly, as we had a new house to pay for. however, as of this posting, he is still job hunting, something that surprised both of us a great deal. tomorrow he's got two interviews with law enforcement agencies, and another one next week. because of the job loss, our house went into foreclosure, and was then auctioned in july.

spencer's sister was kind enough to take us in, but through her own set of circumstances, her house is being auctioned in october, and we will be out on our own at that point. while posting this, i do not want anyone to worry, or feel badly for us. this, while a situation out of our hands, has been such a positive thing for us, and the Lord has worked mightily in us as a result. our only car gave up the ghost about 2 weeks ago, and we have been fortunate enough to be close to starbucks for me to walk and take the bus, and lori has been extremely accomodating. in fact, i cannot speak highly enough of the sacrificial love spencer's family has poured out on us, as well as our friends.

i'm not seeking anyone's pity, or dismay, i just want you to know what great things the Lord has planned for us. right now, i'm working at a local coffeeshop, as my last day at starbucks was monday. i'm very excited, because it's about a mile and three quarters away, and is an easy jaunt on my bike. i always wanted to live in a city that allowed me to take public transit, and ride my bike, i just never expected gainesville to be that town. hahaha...

we are holding on to a fool's hope, the hope that says "although my circumstances may not show it, the Lord is working behind the scenes on our behalf." if you pray, join in believing that God is bringing us a car, and an apartment. in fact, we don't even need the car immediately, but an apartment is a swiftly approaching necessity. oh, and a reasonably priced bike for spencer to get to the job he's going to get. we probably sound like idiots, but we believe that our Father would not have allowed these things to happen unless He had a greater plan in mind. and i know that all things work together for the good of those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.

so that's our year in a nutshell. things we didn't need were taken from us, but our Father has been faithful in our journey to provide for what is important. health, a place to live, and the love of our friends and family.

i'm trying to get pictures posted, but the camera is being beyond finicky. argh.

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