Sunday, March 23

so i know this update is long overdue. its been an insane month, so please forgive my vacation from posting. right now i'm posting from my mother in law's, since she has an identical camera to mine. somehow, the flash on my camera is no longer operable, and i can't find the charger again. long story short, until i find a way to replace the charger and batteries, pictures might be a little more sporadic, if not lessened in quality. i can take pictures on the camcorder, but i haven't gotten marlene to walk me through the uploading process. because of everything going on with the camera, i haven't taken a ton of pictures over the last month. but here is what i have.

and for those of you wondering about zoë, she's truly a toddler now. she's weaned off the bottle, and is completely off of formula. the problem with that, is that she hates drinking milk. so getting her enough calcium everyday has been a battle. she's a really good eater, not picky at all. she doesn't crawl anywhere, and is starting to get into everything. and i mean, everything. it's such a fun time right now. seeing her wave at strangers brings a smile to my face and theirs, and she's turned into such a babbling brook. always some stream of zoë words coming out of her mouth, she never ceases running her mouth. so one of these days, i imagine we'll start to understand everything she's telling us.

i'm still at starbucks, which is part of why i haven't been posting a whole lot. okay, so not at all is more like it. but hopefully, i can get everything up and running again, and we'll get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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