Monday, February 25

long delay

so, it's been quite a while. i've been largely awol from my internet friends, my blog, my mom boards, and just about everything. work has been zapping my energy to say the least, with having to get up before the sun at least 3 days a week. my hours are getting cut back pretty severely, so i should be able to keep everyone up to date with our lives. but in the interim of a long blog post, i'll give a quick update, and then on to pics and videos.

-zoë has 2 molars in, and 2 more on their way. and her canines are budding underneath the gums, soon to erupt in more toothy goodness.
-she pretty much exclusively walks. she'll crawl a bit to get untangled if she falls over, but then she's back up on her feet.
-she gives hugs, and thinks eskimo kisses are the funniest thing ever. we still haven't gotten the kisses on command thing down, but soon.
-she's feeding herself, if i get the food on the spoon. it's a messy process, since she'd rather fling food than eat it, but with a little guidance, she gets it into her mouth.
- i could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure she's saying "all done" and "good girl"... at least, in context, that's what it sounds like. but we'll see. the most she says is "mama", "papa", "book" (or "look", that one's out for review) "no" and "yeah". the "yeah" is spoken as a question and a statement, making her a very poised conversationalist. ;)
-she will go and get her bears, or her books and bring them to us, depending on what we ask for. and she'll being a book, and crawl into my lap expecting me to read to her. yay for that.

i think that's about it. on with the pictures.

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