Sunday, November 11

sorry it's been so long... with one car and trying to move all our things, i spend the days at the new house. and as long as the computer is at the old house, i won't be able to post.

the move is going well. zoë is pretty adjusted to the new house now, it only took her 4 nights in her new room. we have a LOT to do, and it's an adventure to say the least. while zoë is adjusted, i'm not sure that i am quite yet. the house is so nice, it doesn't feel like it should be ours. there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, and we are still finishing the cabinets (we're polyurethaning them.) but still, this house feels like a dream home. i can't wait for those of you who are able to visit to come see it. it's really cool.

i will post more once we get internet set up at the new house. spencer's calling monday to get that set up. in the meantime, please feel free to look through the archives. they're located on the lower left hand side of the page. you might have to scroll down a bit.

until we are connected at the new house,

catherine, spencer and zoë

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