Thursday, November 1

sleeping this morning... notice the arms
close up of the arms
next to the driveway, a little ways off is the well
all the contractors buzzing around
the kitchen has cabinets!
we're waiting on our new leaky fridge to be replaced
look at all that counter space!
the sink and bar... just awaiting bar stools
the RED bathroom... because it's certainly not lowercase "red"
the office with the chandelier
view into the master bath and closet
my favorite chandelier
the TUB... once again, this is no lowercase "tub"
master bedroom, fan already running for spencer
the stairs are being sanded to paint
view of the catwalk and fan from the living room
the view from zoë's room
the other view from just outside zoë's room
zoë's room
guest bedroom and closet
my room... hahaha
i loved the way the light was filtering through the dust
the dust that will go away into our electrostatic filter once the a/c gets turned on
zoë in a chair at the smith house in dahlonega
more zoë and the chair
zoë, chair, need i say more?
zoë, spencer and the chair
zoë and spencer and the chair redux

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