Wednesday, January 24


it's now the day after my due date. i had a feeling zoë would take her time, but this waiting is getting harder. i'm now 4cm, 85% effaced, and no serious labor contractions. we had a little scare last night (well, not a scare) and it turned out to be false labor. so, now we just keep waiting. i keep telling myself it will be soon. and that i can't be pregnant forever. at least i heard it's medically impossible to be pregnant forever.

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Amanda A. said...

Ugh. I know how that feels. Hope was supposed to be born on February 14th and wasn't born until the 19th. I thought she never would get here and then when I was in labor I started freaking out. It finally hit me that I was having a baby RIGHT THEN. I had been so worried about labor that I kinda forgot the whole tiny human being utterly dependant on me to make rational grownup decisions. Yikes!

She will be 7 soon. Geez how the time flies.

Good luck to you, your man, and Zoe!!!