Sunday, January 28

groundhog day?

soooo..... i'm almost a week late. in the waiting, i have finished 2 sweaters for her. she just needs to come out to wear them.

everyday someone either calls or drops me an email asking if the baby's here yet. it's not like i wouldn't call, but i understand everyone's excitement. spencer and i were convinced she just had to come this week. and it's sunday at 10:40, and she's not here. and she's making no moves to come out.

tomorrow i have another doctors appointment, and i'm going to ask if there's anything i can be doing to get her on her way out. i really don't want to induce, or have a c-section, but at the same time, i want her to be safe.

groundhog's day is feb. 2. if that's what she's waiting for, what if she sees her shadow?

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