Thursday, August 26

untitled, because i can't think of a good one

so i am most definitely in school now. i didn't realize how different taking senior level english classes were from taking studio art classes, but believe me, they are very. this is a different kind of difficult, i don't have to be creative and artistic 24/7, but i have to slow down my readings, read pages and pages of dusty literary theory, hope that i can explain myself with some sense, oh, and learn some basic old english. yeah. it's kicking my tail right now. which is why i haven't posted.

zoë is having a blast at school, and she is definitely learning social protocols for a learning environment (in other words, how to behave at school.) she keeps getting her "bee" taken down for misbehaving, most of it involving either talking when she's not supposed to, or not napping when she's supposed to. both of these were issues already, so i'm not very concerned. she's trying, since today was the first day in a week she came home and said she didn't get her bee taken down from the door.

i promised in the earlier post for a list of some of the silly things zoë has been saying. these were lifted straight from my facebook statuses:

tonight at amanda's - zoë asked the cat if he was a hot dog

part eleventy five, of miss silly beans: 'i tooted, i need some tootin' spray." speaking of febreze.

zoë is a silly girl, part eleventy four. "i see lots of flashlights in the sky!" and...' "lets get poppa old pepper body wash" 'you mean old spice?' "oh. right." '

that's all i can think of at present, but she's also learning bible verses (tonight she was quoting genesis 1:1) which is just as cool as her saying silly things. she did comment on the economy having problems, but pronounced it economorney. typical 3 year old stuff.

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JMS said...

Lol... let's be honest - your three year old is anything but normal! She's hilarious! :)