Tuesday, July 13

the promised pictures, as promised. we had a pretty busy week last week, as there was the 4th, michelle had her baby, and susanna's sweet little piper celebrated her first birthday. if you go to susanna's blog, you'll see why this is such a big deal. however, for all of the business, i took pretty poor pictures. so, the few that were worth sharing are here. we're going to visit friends for the week, so my posting will be a little spotty in light of their internet being spotty as well.

spencer ended up taking a more local job, as the over the road driving job was asking him to break D.O.T. laws. not a good idea, regardless of the paycheck. in other news, i return to school in a month, as an english major. although i love studio art, the cost of time and energy, and cost for zoë was not worth it. i can finish my degree in a shorter amount of time, and still earn an additional certificate in british and irish studies. we'll be enjoying the benefits of family housing on campus, with all the pleasures of on site playgrounds, free laundry and fast internet. oh yeah, and free cable. susanna and her family live there already, and all it took was one visit to her apartment to realize it was a great deal. we move into the new apartment in 10 days, and thankfully we don't have a lot of packing left to do.

also, i wasn't sure if i posted this earlier, but i've got a cooking blog back up. i know i've expressed some displeasure with blogger in the past, so i've got the cooking blog on wordpress. at some point, this may migrate, but like i've reiterated in the past, you'll have lots and lots of warning before this blog changes addresses. however, those of you interested in what we eat and cook, check out: thecakewife.wordpress.com. zoë and i have been doing some cooking together in the last month, and there's some cute pics of my little helper.

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Michelle said...

I wish you could just make a montage of Beans' many facial expressions. I love her so much! I hope you guys are likin the new place!