Wednesday, November 5

the networks are calling the presidency for obama now. and while i rejoice in the u.s. leaving behind the chains of racism which still clung to our feet, i can't help but wonder if we did the right thing.

i don't want to get very political here. this is me, sharing my concerns. i'm worried about what happens to abortion rights here in this country. i'm worried about what happens to our inner cities, and even our suburbs, as monumental changes are about to take place.

above all, i'm concerned about the state of the christian church in america. there are serious things wrong with the way the previous ruling party (which we will call the values party) has handled their own lives. scandal after scandal after scandal, in both elected representation, and also those who claim to represent values in the religious realm. i can't help but think that people voted for the change party, because the values people couldn't live up to what they claimed to believe. if we truly believe that marriage is between one man, and one woman, why did so many values party representatives get caught having affairs? if human life is so sacred (which i firmly believe it to be) why have we not been more cautious in our battles with other living people. i am not advocating surrender. not by any stretch. what i am so desirous of, is that people really live what they claim to vote for.

now, with congress having a majority of change party representatives, it is time to get active. get on our knees. seek the Lord. return to Him. i want my voice to be heard, in a way i have never desired before. both in political realms, and spiritual ones. but more than anything, i want to be found faithful before the Lord. I don't want to think the world isn't watching. because they are. they desire for us to live what we profess...

i'm hopeful that even with issues coming up that seem monumental, the Lord sets kings in their places. He holds their heart in His hand. and He is certainly still in charge of everything that happens, even if i don't agree with the outcome.

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