Wednesday, October 10

zoe hears grandma and grandpa come up the stairs...

zoe in her jumper, playing around.

so, we got new phones. spencer's phone was turning itself off all day long, which is no good if you're very involved in a housebuild. we bought refurbs from cingular, and zoe got herself her first cellphone. she absolutely loves spencer's razr (the phone!) and treats it like her favorite toy. i didn't realize it still had a little battery power in it, and she turned it on yesterday. and who did she call? her poppa. it was cute. i'm sure it was accidental, but the first person she ever called on the phone was her dad. which i think is cute. i feel bad for not posting more often. it gets increasingly difficult to post on the weekends, and i've been trying to clean and pack during the week. we're getting things together, and i'm getting huge piles of donations together, to take to the thrift store on saturday. so, here's a few pics. the very last one was this morning, zoe sucking down her bottle like it's the best thing on earth.

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