Saturday, September 15

the weather is finally starting to cool off... bit by bit. so today, we played outside a bit. we took a blanket and sat down in the green in our town square. zoe was more interested in eating grass and leaves than the weather. but what's a few leaves between friends? we drove up to see the house this afternoon, and were (not so) pleased to see tractors driving 40 miles under the speed limit on a busy highway. is that illegal? but the house is coming along. they will need to slap on a few more coats of paint, since i picked uber saturated colors.

and zoe has learned how to pull herself up on the bars of her crib, to a standing position. too bad she can't figure out how to get back down. this makes naps a thing of the past. sigh. she will pull herself up 15 times over the course of what would have been a nap, stand a few minutes, and start yelling for me to get her down. good thing i don't need sleep. at least she's not doing this at night.

and before you get up in arms, don't worry. we're not pulling a britney spears and giving our infant redbull. hahaha. she just gets gin and juice. minus the gin. plus some water.

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