Wednesday, January 6

on this good day...

so the new year is upon us. there's something about this time of year that speaks of hope and renewal to me, a letting go of the past that we so often desperately need. i don't want to say that i have any kind of new year's resolutions, but this is a new decade, and that has to mean something. here's my thoughts on all of this.

i want to be more gentle. more loving. more likely to have sweet words come out of my mouth, rather than cynicism.

i want to start treating my body like a temple, and not a garbage can. it's got to change... i don't want to kill myself slowly through my food.

i would like to start blogging a little more, and now that the camera has arrived (more on that in the next post) i know i will be taking more pictures. believe me, there will be a lot more pictures around here.

i know not everyone who reads this shares my faith, but this is a major resolution (if i were to call these resolutions); i want my life to be more reflective of the faith i espouse, and the Father i call my friend. how all of that plays out is a process, one that never ends.

this year, i will create more. and show what i'm creating. so expect more pictures of crafts, prints, uploads of art photography, and drawings, and weavings. woo for that. i'm working on a quilt again, a dear friend is getting married. i'll post pics of that soon too.

so that's that. i'm tired of living my life in retrospect, i want to look ahead to what's coming, rather than lamenting what has come. which is partly why i haven't been posting a lot... no one wants to hear the whining. :)

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Judy said...

I love Zoe's new photo! (How do you get the two dots over her name?) Catherine, you are full of creative interests and I enjoy your blogs. I just started a cooking one yesterday called Soup Queen. We have several mutual interests (gardening, art, photography,thrift/recycling, cooking, and fiber works - quilting,embroidery etc.) Most important - we are spiritual sisters. Embrace all that God is and all that He has created you to be. He's coming - be positive, be happy. Judy